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Om jobbet

Lunds universitet grundades 1666 och rankas återkommande som ett av världens främsta lärosäten. Här finns omkring 47 000 studenter och mer än 8 800 medarbetare i Lund, Helsingborg och Malmö. Vi förenas i vår strävan att förstå, förklara och förbättra vår värld och människors villkor.

Lunds universitet välkomnar sökande med olika bakgrund och erfarenheter. Jämställdhet, lika villkor och mångfald är grundläggande principer för alla delar av vår verksamhet.

Please note that this is an abbreviated version of the vacancy notice.

You can access the full version at by clicking "ansök här".

Description of the workplace

The successful applicant will be working in the English unit at the Centre for Languages and Literature, the largest department in the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. At this unit, research and teaching is conducted within language and linguistics, literature, education, academic writing, and English for specific purposes (ESP). Here you will be conducting cognitive and experimental linguistic research in the Humanities Lab in close collaboration with, and under the leadership of, professor Panos Athanasopoulos. There are currently around 15 linguistic PhDs and 6 PhD students employed by or associated with the English unit. These linguists represent a number of different research areas, for instance syntax, cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, linguistic variation, language history and academic writing. We care about having a nice work environment where everyone is respected and seen.

Work duties and areas of responsibility

Applications for this postdoc position are welcome from excellent candidates in  the areas of psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, or cognate fields (e.g. cognitive/experimental psychology). You will readily fit in an existing programme of research looking at the effects of language-specific categories on cognitive representation and processing. The main project will focus on comprehension of spatiotemporal metaphors and time perception, developing further the research published in these papers: 

The Whorfian time warp: Representing duration through the language hourglass

Cognitive restructuring: Psychophysical measurement of time perception in bilinguals

This is an on-site position, and it is a requirement that you participate in the daily work in Lund.

You are expected to:

design, develop and program laboratory experiments in language and cognition.
coordinate data collection in a timely manner.
process, prepare, and statistically analyse data.
draft reports on results.
conduct literature surveys as required.
contribute to publications both as lead author and as co-author.
contribute to the project's seminars, meetings, workshops and other activities.
establish and maintain training and contact with Lund University Humanities Lab.
contribute to and develop the research environment in the area of language and cognition at the Centre for Language and Literature at Lund University.
assist in the write-up of a joint application for further funding.

Teaching, supervision and other teaching-related duties may be involved within the framework of the position, but for not more than 20% of working hours.

Please feel free to send questions about the duties involved in this post to Professor Athanasopoulos (link above).


Qualification requirements:
You are to have completed a Ph.D. or an international degree deemed equivalent. This requirement must be fulfilled no later than the date when the employment decision is made, and as an applicant, you are responsible for supplementing your application with documentation that confirms the completed doctoral degree. The supplement should be emailed to Fabian Beijer. The position is a career development post, and its purpose is to act as an initial step on a career path. The candidate most likely to be considered for the post is one who has completed a doctoral degree no more than three years prior to the application deadline. If there are special circumstances such as leave of absence because of illness, parental leave, position as elected representative in trade union organisations, military service or service/assignments relevant to the subject area, this time can be deducted from the time elapsed since the doctoral degree was completed.
Documented capacity to independently design, develop, and execute psycholinguistic experiments.
Documented experience of research in the field of psycholinguistics (or related area).
Good cooperative skills and a strong collaborative approach to research.
Full proficiency in English.
Om Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna

Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna har åtta institutioner och bedriver en stor och varierad verksamhet inom forskning och utbildning. Vi har ca 700 anställda och ca 4 000 helårsstudenter.

Om Språk- och litteraturcentrum

Språk- och litteraturcentrum (SOL) är Sveriges största institution med inriktning på språk, språkvetenskap, litteraturvetenskap och områdesstudier. SOL erbjuder ca 500 fristående kurser som kompletteras av ett växande antal programutbildningar på grundnivå och avancerad nivå. Med sina 36 ämnen och ett 30-tal forskarutbildningar bildar SOL en solid enhet med bredd och djup i utbildning och forskning och utmärks av såväl nationell som internationell synlighet. SOL leds av en styrelse där prefekten är ordförande. Därutöver finns tre biträdande prefekter med särskilda verksamhetsansvar. SOL har cirka 300 anställda och 8000 studenter, varav ett hundratal är forskarstuderande.

Vi undanber oss alla kontakter från annonsförsäljare, rekryterings- och bemanningsföretag på grund av statliga upphandlingsregler.



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