Jobba Statligt

A common Employer Value Proposition

Via the employer organization, the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, 250 different central government agencies have produced a common Employer Value Proposition.

Image of the common Employer Value Propostition for the central government employers. The message is: Develop Sweden, develop yourself. Open a larger version of the image (in a new window).

Irrespective of area of specialisation or professional role, central government employers can offer you:

A job that benefits society

I represent and take responsibility for my activities and work for Sweden's long-term development.

Meaningful assignments 

I develop and take part in the administration of a society where I influence people's everyday lives and future.

Developing work assignments

I work with stimulating assignments that include different subject areas requiring both innovation and continuous development of expertise.

Opportunity to influence

I get the opportunity to influence operations and to develop in my role by being active and take on responsibilities.

Good working environment

I am part of a culture based on transparency and openness where management is directed by values and goals and where I take an active part in the development of the workplace.

Competent colleagues

I work in an organization based on my and my colleagues' expertise, our different experiences and our individual and shared results.

Individual conditions

Conditions adapted to the individual. I have an opportunity to plan and to influence my working life based on my own circumstances with regard to efficient operations and favourable results.

Our message:

Develop Sweden. Develop yourself.