Jobba Statligt

Values for government employees

Regardless of whether you are a researcher, police officer, investigator, museum employee, fighter pilot, dance teacher, tax expert, IT specialist or have some other government employment, there is a common set of values for the entire central government sector that is based on legislation and regulations.

Values for government employees are based on six principles:

  • Democracy. All public power comes from the people.
  • Legality. The exercise of public power is subject to the rule of law.
  • Objectivity. Everyone’s equality under the law, objectivity and impartiality shall be maintained.
  • Freedom of opinion. Swedish democracy is based on freedom of opinion.
  • Respect for equal values, freedom and dignity. Public power shall be exercised with respect for everyone’s equal value and for the freedom and dignity of the individual.
  • Efficiency and service. Efficiency and resource management shall go hand-in-hand with service and accessibility.

It's exciting to be able to contribute to positive social development.

Patrick Amofah, project manager at the National Agency for Public Procurement.