Jobba Statligt

Benefits and modern terms

The central government sector has in many cases led the way on the labour market when it comes to individually set pay and modern terms.


In the central government sector, salaries are set individually. This means that your pay is based on your work results. But other factors also contribute, such as the degree of difficulty and job responsibilities that the job entails. Market factors, such as supply and demand in the labour market can also affect pay. As an employee, you have the right to know the basis on which your salary is set and what you can do to influence your salary.

Working hours

Working hours shall be determined and regulated according to each organisation’s needs, but it is also important that working hours are determined in a way that promotes a good work environment and counteracts ill health. For this reason, employees need to have the opportunity to influence how their own working hours are determined. Within each agency and authority, the employers and the union organisations have working hours agreements. Working hours and how they are distributed can be different for different employees, depending on what duties they have.

There is always an opportunity to take on new challenges

Hanna Thorén, chemist at the Swedish Food Agency.

Holiday and other leave

Employees in Sweden are entitled to five weeks’ holiday. As a government employee, the collective agreement gives you more days of holiday. Within the central government sector, there are different agreements that regulate holiday issues. Which agreement applies depends on which organisation you work for.

With parental leave, compensation is usually paid by the social insurance agency Försäkringskassan. To make parental leave easier, central government sector employers pay supplementary remuneration.


As a government employee, you receive a collectively agreed occupational pension through PA 16, which consists of part I and part II. This supplements the state pension that everyone who works in Sweden is entitled to. You have the right to decide for yourself how part of the agreement’s pension shall be managed.